Star Wars family fun

So here are our costumes for Halloween this year, our first year as a themed family. I can’t help but think I got the least cool outfit…

Willow as her current idol, Princess Leia. I made the dress (complete with hood) from Lycra, and the belt from felt (of course). We found the boots cheap in Penneys and they’re handy for the crap weather were having. Long white dresses aren’t a great idea for 3 year olds, but she was able to play fine at the party we went to today with minimum spillage!


John looked super handsome as Han Solo (and was definitely living out some nerd fantasy today). I guess when I suggested we dress as Star Wars characters he thought I had something else in mind for myself!

John’s costume was quite easy. We found old trousers in a charity shop, and the shirt was a white ladies one from Penneys that I dipped in tea to age. The waistcoat was just a black t shirt cut up. I made a belt from an old black ribbon I had, and the “boots” are actually the arms from a kids fireman costume I got in a bargain bin for €2.


My costume was a monkey sleep suit I found in the men’s section in Penneys. I chopped off the head (which freaked poor Willow out a little) and sewed the ears to an old baby sheet of Willow’s, which I had aged in tea. Add a little face paint and a belt slung over my shoulder and I’m an Ewok!



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