All dressed up

Halloween! My favourite time of the year means I get to dress up. And boy do I love to dress up! Luckily I married someone who is really into costumes too. And zombies.

This year my family is going all out with a theme, and I’ve spent my afternoon making our costumes. I’ll wait until I have some photos before I show you our outfits, but first I wanted to show off some of our costumes from years past:

Me as Tippi Hedren in The Birds. I was about 5 months pregnant here so excuse the tummy! I used a 60s style dress, tore it up and added blood, then made a whole bunch of birds pecking away. So much fun!


Carrying on the Hitchcock theme, my other half went as Norman Bates dressed as his mother. And my mammy-in-law joined us too, as a nun.


This was Willow’s first costume, a cute bunny outfit I made from an old sleep suit and a cheap fleece hoodie she had. I was originally going to do her as road kill but wasn’t allowed!


Please take a moment to admire the extreme cuteness of my little girl:
Moving on. Next year, I made a tutu for herself and added in a huge Elmo’s face. She was a big fan at the time and very happy with herself.


We had a great party that year, but kind of forgot to think about costumes. So a couple of hours before our guests arrived we decided to go as each other. John would make a fine drag queen:


Last Christmas I made Will a little Christmas tree dress, complete with star. My dress making skills are pretty shoddy but she looked adorable:

Last year I dressed in full zombie costume for Limerick’s Outbreak Zombie Walk, along with my undead husband Allan and assorted kids. John had to babysit but joined me later for Halloween:




I’ll post pics of this year’s costumes soon. Happy Halloween!

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